Brand Story

Our story starts in 2016 in Jordan, Amman. We represent a family business that started from our deep love for our mother. Abeer used to be a hardworking housekeeper, passionate about handmade soaps. So, we, her children, decided to support her start a small luxurious soap business in 2016.


At first, we took small steps and offered our carefully designed products locally in Jordan. But since we discovered all of you are passionate about authentic and qualitative skin care products, we move forward! Hence, today we are taking our business abroad in the United States of America.

Our mother's name, Abeer, is an Arabic term, which can be translated as `Scent.` And we believe it reveals the most important characteristic of our products. All the Abeer luxurious handmade soaps come with unique scents that occur naturally in the ingredients we choose.

Abeer started small, selling our gorgeous handmade soaps locally. And to tell you the truth, the first customers we had were our neighbors and friends. We weren't sure it'd be a success, but we were committed to providing the best products on the market. From this point, we started to grow into a more significant business. Our range of handmade soaps became bigger, and we included several unique recipes for our products. Still, our mission remained the same: offering pure and gorgeous everyday handmade soaps for you!

We're one small family passionate about the benefits of handmade soaps. This is why we only use recipes that come with the best natural ingredients available. All products listed in our shop are chosen and created with care. We believe that you should have access only to the best products. We won't distribute a handmade soap that we won't use ourselves! Your wellbeing is very important to us! So, we do our best to help you pamper your skin without harmful chemicals.

Our brand does more than offer you access to luxurious handmade soaps! We noticed considerable interest in gift ideas, and this is why we have several suggestions for you! No matter if you're looking for a mom-to-be gift or an anniversary gift, you'll discover the perfect gift idea with us! Of course, if you're not sure what to choose, we're always here to guide you!

Because our products are made by hand, we know exactly what goes into each recipe. We have a transparent policy concerning the ingredients and their benefits! We don't hide valuable information from you!

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