Our vision

Our vision is all about your wellbeing! We know how hard it is to deal with sensitive skin predisposed to dryness and eczema. And since we've experienced such issues ourselves, we commit to using only the best ingredients that are both skin-friendly and nourishing.

Abeer started small with the sole purpose of offering something good for your skincare regime. We analyzed labels of commercial soaps, and we were so disappointed! Almost all products available on the market come with a wide array of harsh chemicals and unknown ingredients.

Our vision is all about our family journey as natural luxurious handmade soaps creators! We do our best to discover and use eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and chemical-free recipes. We don't compromise on quality, which is why all our products are made in small batches. Rest assured, we don't use artificial substances to harm your skin!

All our luxurious handmade soap bars are scented with essential oils. Besides, they get their coloring from the organic herbs and plant extracts we use! Abeer isn't a big brand that focuses on quantity! We are all about quality and customer satisfaction! Our vision can be summarized as it follows:

  • Natural and skin-friendly – we focus on offering a healthy alternative to potentially harmful commercial soaps;
  • Education – we do our best to offer thorough information on our products so that you get access to all the benefits of natural handmade soaps;
  • Change – we encourage you to change your lifestyle by making a small but important decision for your skin; handmade products are sustainable, free of harmful chemicals, and can help you restore your skin's health!
  • Customer satisfaction – we're not focusing on the revenue we get! We love to hear about how our products improved your life! Abeer soaps are all about the quality and benefits offered for you and your family!
  • Transparency – since we're a family business, everything about our practices is transparent. We offer an honest representation of our products and their ingredients since we don't have anything to hide from you!
  • Quality – we always focus on good manufacturing processes to create our handmade soaps!
  • Accessibility – we believe that our products are reasonably priced, considering the benefits they offer!
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